Pre-Conference Workshop

Wednesday, October 15

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM - Amphitheater I

Curating Digital Content for Customized Learning

Providing alternative pathways through the curriculum is a bold step in customizing learning for students.  This workshop will engage you in curating appropriate digital content to enhance and diversify your current curriculum.  From myOER to Kahn Academy to Gooru and others, an abundance of digital content exists for our creative use with students.  Bring your own device and join us as we discover ways to offer flexible alternatives to standardized, textbook-driven curricula.


Sponsored by:  TIE, Technology and Innovation in Education

Presented by:  Dr. Julie Mathiesen, Lennie Symes, Sherry Crofut and Marcia Torgrude



Our conference partner, AdvancEd, will be hosting a separate event called Creating Learner-Centric Environments in conjunction with the Systems Change Conference. We invite you to learn more about this opportunity, which will be held in Gallery F & G on Wednesday, October 15. Note: registration, payment and check-in is completely separate for the AdvancEd event.